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    Our Load Tests Give Accurate Measurements
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    With ATS's Assistance, Battery Failures
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  • Power Solutions

    Products In addition to Stationary Battery Services, American Technical Support also markets various manufactured batteries.

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  • Sales & Installations

    From small to larger corporations, ATS has the power supply solutions for any of your business needs.

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  • Load Testing

    Let us provide you with a "stress test" on your current backup power supply to find any weaknesses.

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  • Training

    Educational, training seminars and workshops developed by ESA Consulting are held publicly and privately throughout the year.

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UPS Battery Replacement

ATS is well versed in the stand-by battery market.American Technical Support (ATS) is a visionary, Florida Corporation, built on long standing relationships with their customers. ATS provides services and supplies as they relate to the stand-by power market that include but is not limited to:

  • UPS Battery Replacement
  • Lead Acid Battery Replacement
  • Switch-Gear
  • Generator Sets
  • Consulting for Design and Implementation of Facility Operation
  • Installation and Expansion

ATS was founded in 1996 and quickly became an industry leader in the area of stand-by power system expertise. Through growth and development, ATS expanded their services to become a full infrastructure corporation to include services and supplies in data center, telecom, facility management, utility, dc power supply, UPS, switchgear and other areas where emergency, stand-by power is required.

Professional installation of stationary batteries and all back-up power supplies.Technically employing some of the most well-known personnel in the industry through direct relationships and resource management, ATS provides some of the most rounded, impartial and objective representatives.

Specializing primarily in the stand by battery market, ATS experience and expertise provides services in areas where all kinds of batteries are used; including Valve Regulated Lead Acid, Vented and Nickel Cadmium batteries. Services include periodic maintenance, new installation, removals, disposal, testing, consulting, training root cause analysis and specification writings.

Replacement battery systems are now inventoried in our company warehouses. ATS maintains an inventory level to accommodate most customers' needs in the event of catastrophic battery failure. Batteries ranging from small ampere hour to large, ATS product line can provide replacement components for most widely used battery systems very economically.

Offering products, installations, services, consulting and training, ATS provides all the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to stand by power systems.




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